Have a flat tire on Central? Call this #

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Have a flat tire on Central? Call this #

Postby Brenda on Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:37 pm


Today I had a tire blow out driving on Central.
I merged over three lanes safely and parked with traffic whizzing by.
I was dialing my cell phone to get AAA.
Before I finished dialing, I was startled by a knock at the window.
I looked up to see a man from the Dallas Courtesy Patrol. He was there to change my flat!
Simply amazing!

He and his female partner changed my flat in less than 15 minutes.
They were so polite, professional and helpful!
They even had an air compressor to fill by "flat" spare!

It was wonderful to see our tax dollars working to help us!

If you have a flat on Central from McKinney to Downtown Dallas call this number 214.320.4444
(or call the number on the back of your driver's license and they will call the Dallas Courtesy Patrol)

Sadly, I was so shocked I did not get their names, but their initials are RM, SWP
Thank you RM & SWP!
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