Thanks to Craig's Car Care!

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Thanks to Craig's Car Care!

Postby Brenda on Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:18 pm

Posted for Carol:

Driving home with my horse trailer I had a blow out (right front truck tire, no wear on the tread!)in Allen on Exchange Parkway just before Highway 5. Thank God I wasn't on Highway 75! I was able to pull in to a closed gas station and park right under the gas pump overhang in the shade. I waited a long time until my husband could come with a jack to change the tire. A good Samaritan stopped and got the spare out for us. We didn't have the right tool to get it down.

I called the USRider Insurance that I purchased in January for $80 per year. They called 20 different vendors and finally one from Denton was available in 90 minutes. That was at 2:30. I had called them at 1:45 pm. A good Samaritan got the spare out for me as I didn’t have the right tool to get it from underneath the truck. My husband went to Walmart and bought a jack that worked. We had the spare on the truck and were on our way at 4:30 and the USRider provider still had not arrived to help. I called USRider back and canceled the help. Some service. They apologized.

When we were pulling out, the local Lucas garage mechanic/owner of Craig’s Car Care stopped in his big towing rig to see if we needed any help. I'll know who to call next time.
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