State and National Candidates

State and National Candidates

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Rick Perry (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
US Senator, Ex-State Treasurer, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney
• Larry Kilgore (R)
Texas Secession Activist, Telecommunications Worker & Frequent Candidate
• Debra Medina (R)
Wharton County GOP Chair, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Nurse & Rancher
• Felix Alvarado (D)
Teacher & Vietnam War Veteran
• Ronnie Earle (D)
Ex-Travis County District Attorney, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Municipal Judge
• Kinky Friedman (D)
Country Music Singer, Author & '06 Candidate
• Hank Gilbert (D)
Whitehouse School Board Member, Rancher, Teacher & '06 State Agriculture Comnr. Nominee
• Tom Schieffer (D)
Ex-Ambassador, Ex-Texas Rangers Baseball Team General Manager & Ex-State Rep.
• Mark Thompson (D)
Blind Services Therapist & '08 Railroad Commission Candidate
• Jeff Daiell (Libertarian)
Ex-State Party Chair, Businessman

David Dewhurst (R) | Campaign Site
Greg Abbott (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Ted Cruz (R)
Ex-State Solicitor General & Attorney
• Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D)
Attorney, Community Activist & '06 US Senate Candidate
• Barry Cooper (Libertarian)
Businessman, Ex-Police Officer & Drug Legalization Activist

Susan Combs (R) | Campaign Site
Jerry Patterson (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Bill Burton (D)
Ex-Henderson County Justice of the Peace Judge, Real Estate Broker & Army Veteran

Todd Staples (R) | Campaign Site


> State House

> State Senate

>Texas Legislative Council

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
* Running For Governor in 2010.
* Next Election in 2012.

Active Candidates:
• Elizabeth Ames Jones (R)
State Railroad Commissioner & Ex-State Rep.
• Florence Shapiro (R)
State Senate President Pro Tempore, Ex-Plano Mayor, Ex-Businesswoman & Ex-Teacher
• Michael Williams (R)
State Railroad Commissioner, Ex-Assistant US Education Secretary & Attorney
• Roger Williams (R)
Ex-Secretary of State, Businessman & Ex-Minor League Baseball Player
• John Sharp (D)
Ex-State Comptroller, Ex-State Railroad Commissioner, Ex-State Sen. & '98/'02 Lt. Governor Nominee
• Bill White (D)
Houston Mayor, Ex-Deputy US Energy Secretary, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
• Alma Aguado (Independent)
• Chris Nelson (Independent)
Engineer & Ex-Firefighter

John Cornyn (R) | Campaign Site
* Next Election in 2014.

District 1:
Louie Gohmert (R) | Campaign Site
District 2:
Ted Poe (R) | Campaign Site
District 3:
Sam Johnson (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Chris Claytor (Libertarian)
Engineering Program Manager, Army Veteran

District 4:
Ralph Hall (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• B.D. Blunt (R)

District 5:
Jeb Hensarling (R) | Campaign Site
District 6:
Joe Barton (R) | Campaign Site
District 7:
John Culberson (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• David McCurrach (Independent)
Businessman & Pastor

District 8:
Kevin Brady (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Tyler Russell (R)
Energy Executive & USAF Veteran

District 9:
Al Green (D) | Campaign Site
District 10:
Mike McCaul (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Joe Petronis (R)
• Jack McDonald (D)
Businessman, Attorney & Community Activist

District 11:
Mike Conaway (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Canyon Clowdus (R)
Businessman & Army Veteran

District 12:
Kay Granger (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Mike Brasovan (R)

District 13:
Mac Thornberry (R) | Campaign Site
District 14:
Ron Paul (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Jeff Cherry (R)
• John Gay (R)
School District Administrator & Coast Guard Veteran

District 15:
Ruben Hinojosa (D) | Campaign Site
District 16:
Silvestre Reyes (D) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Tim Besco (R)
Iraq War Veteran & Nurse

District 17:
Chet Edwards (D) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Rob Curnock (R)
• Timothy Delasandro (R)
Nurse & Navy Veteran
• Chuck Wilson (R)
• Darren Yancy (R)
Insurance Broker

District 18:
Sheila Jackson Lee (D) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Tex Christopher (R)
Businessman & Ex-Bull Rider
• John Faulk (R)
Retired Health Care Executive, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Navy Veteran & '08 Nominee

District 19:
Randy Neugebauer (R) | Campaign Site
District 20:
Charlie Gonzalez (D) | Campaign Site
District 21:
Lamar Smith (R)

Active Candidates:
• Lainey Melnick (D)
Real Estate Broker

District 22:
Pete Olson (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Tracy Hall (Independent)
Conservative Activist

District 23:
Ciro Rodriguez (D) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Miguel Ortiz (D)
Iraq War Veteran & Attorney
• Francisco "Quico" Canseco (R)
Attorney, Businessman & '08 Candidate
• Scott Larson (R)
Businessman & Youth Pastor

District 24:
Kenny Marchant (R) | Campaign Site
District 25:
Lloyd Doggett (D) | Campaign Site
District 26:
Michael Burgess (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Earl Davis (R)
Conservative Activist
• Neil Durrance (D)
Attorney & Denton County Democratic Chairman
• Don Tracey (Independent)
Businessman, Author & USMC Veteran

District 27:
Solomon Ortiz (D) | Campaign Site
District 28:
Henry Cuellar (D) | Campaign Site
District 29:
Gene Green (D)

Active Candidates:
• Frank "Mazz" Mazzapica (R)
Psychologist & USAF Veteran

District 30:
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
District 31:
John Carter (R) | Campaign Site
District 32:
Pete Sessions (R) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:
• Grier Raggio (D)
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