Collin County Commissioner asks for help

Collin County Commissioner asks for help

Postby Brenda on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:10 am

The way Collin County spends your tax dollars is important to me. For example, after discovering that over $3M of your tax dollars was wasted on lap band and cosmetic surgery, I successfully worked to have the program discontinued. I’ve recently discovered that Collin County pays a premium for engineering services due to state law that forbids our county from considering price when choosing an engineering firm. This lack of free market competition compelled me to work with State Representatives Jodie Laubenberg and Ken Paxton on House Bill (HB) 1105 which would allow all counties to consider price, along with qualifications, when selecting an engineering firm.

As you might imagine, this bill is receiving strong resistance from special interest groups and lobbyist who have a vested interests in the status quo. I have always believed that free markets drive down price and increase quality for the consumer and I need your help to ensure the HB 1105 gets a fair hearing. Please consider taking 2 actions:

1. Send a short, polite email to State Representative Burt Solomons requesting he grant a hearing in his Committee for HB 1105. His email is The bill will not reach the house floor for a vote if it does get a committee hearing.
2. Forward this email to as many people as you can across the state of Texas. Counties, school districts, municipalities and the state will save hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year if HB 1105 is enacted.
Below are the facts:
- HB 1105 will save taxpayers millions of dollars due to free market competition. In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) will save over $100 million annually if HB 1105 is enacted.
- HB 1105 increases safety by strengthening the requirements for engineering qualifications. Special interest groups are misleading public officials stating free market competition will lower quality.
- HB 1105 will speed up the bidding process allowing Collin County to receive pricing from multiple firms at once, versus the current process of receiving pricing from only one firm at a time. Special interest groups are misleading public officials stating free market competition delays engineering projects.


Thank you and I’m honored to serve as your Collin County Commissioner

Matt Shaheen
Collin County Commissioner
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