A tree that is 25 and a half feet around

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A tree that is 25 and a half feet around

Postby Brenda on Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:15 pm

... A tree that is 25 and a half feet around

By Wyndi Veigel and Jennifer Fike
Staff Writers

Among little elms and other hardwood trees sits a giant Sycamore tree. You can almost hear it telling stories from the past involving the Caddo Indians that rested beneath its branches.

This week it’s saying, “I’m the largest tree in the Metroplex.”

The tree, discovered when the Trinity Trail Preservation Association was mapping an addition to the trail near Lucas, is a giant with a 25-and-a-half- foot circumference. It stands at 101 feet tall and has a crown spread of 126 feet from branch tip to branch tip.

“I had my back to the tree, riding in the Gator when I heard ‘oh wow, that’s a tree,’ ” Chris Churchill, publicity chair for the Trinity Trail Preservation Association, said.

The sycamore sits on federally protected land near the latest addition to the Trinity Trail and is about five miles from the Highland Park Trail Head on Lake Lavon.

“It’s without a doubt the new Metroplex champion, and we are still waiting to hear if it is the champion for the largest tree in Texas,” said Courtney Blevins, Staff Forester III for the Texas Forest Service.

The tree in Lucas has received 439 points based on the measurements taken, though the forrestry service has to wait to get verification if the third branch of the tree can be counted in the measurement. If the third branch is counted, then the tree will be considered the co-champion for the largest tree in Texas title.

Points are awarded by the forest service based on height, width and crown spread measurements of the tree.

“The current largest tree has 436 points and is located in Houston County,” Blevins said.

The Trinity Trail Preservation has plans to slightly modify the trail, routing it away from the tree to protect it; however, picnic benches and a marker may be placed near the tree to allow the public to enjoy it.

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